(1-week training at the Scanomed Training Centre)

PET/CT Training Module 1

This training module will span over 5 working days.

Agenda Module 1
Suggested responsibilities for modules are colour-coded. This agenda can be adjusted a priori to specific customer needs. Tutors are clinical experts with a minimum experience of 5 years of clinical PET/CT operation. Staff include technologists, physicists and radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. Training will be provided in English and shall include presentations, hands-on training and the option for joint case reviews and clinical discussions. The programme for Module 1 is separated into
  • tutorials/discussions
  • hands-on clinical cases
  • reporting of routine cases from the day
The structured combination of all 3 objectives facilitates
  • an efficient introduction to PET/CT technology
  • an appreciation of quality control and protocols optimization
  • an understanding of structured reporting
  • a focused training on clinical evidence for PET/CT imaging